The Swiss High-Tech Premium brand is the result of intensive research carried out by in cooperation with leading dermatologists, biologists and geneticists.
With the development of this product line of Anti-Aging cosmetics we wanted to create an alternative to clinical laser treatment and cosmetic injections. At the same time we wanted to make sure that we have a product which contained the highest possible concentration of active ingredients and yet was very well tolerated by the skin.

De Clars  luxurious and unique line of products, with its exclusive De Clars  Complement Complex, combines exquisite natural ingredients and the innovative knowledge of exhaustive biotechnological research and development.
The latest scientific findings and the employment of state-of-the-art technology in combination with natural materials is a guarantee that all of our products are of a quality far beyond the norm. De Clars  unique formula increases the Collagen level of the skin and neutralizes skin damaging free radicals.
A new and unimagined dimension in the field of cosmetics has opened up: Skin and cells regain their youth through the use of cell rejuvenating substances in an unprecedented way.

De Clars  is effective against wrinkles, lines, inadequate skin radiation and oxidation and enables all skin types to appear at their best. With De Clars  skin regains freshness, smoothness and is radiant  you will be able to feel it and see it!
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