As a Swiss company with high quality standards De Clars is dedicated to innovation.

Active Ingredients and cosmetics:

We only produce highly concentrated top quality products.
Our products contain 4 to 5 times the amount of active ingredients than other cosmetics on the market.
Thanks to the high concentration of active ingredients very efficient real and visible results.

De Clars is based on the medical knowledge about the interaction of substances and their effect on the skin.

The products from De Clars are produced with pharmaceutical ingredients and are hypoallergenic.
De Clars is committed to using only highly concentrated active ingredients which meet highest quality standards. The emerging products are not only mild but also a guarantee for quick and visible results.

Tested by dermatologists
Intensive dermatological studies have shown that De Clars is safe and very effective. They have also proven the efficiency of this patented technology. This efficiency enables the active ingredients to be effective even at cell level.

         The company is based in Luzern / Switzerland.
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